For the most part, the teens beat out the adults in the fashion department at last night's premiere of The Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence was obviously the star of the evening, and dressed the part in what looks like a gold-leaf gown.

Leven Rambin manages to out-sexy Jennifer Lawrence because boobs.

While the green goes beautifully with Jacqueline Emerson's red hair, it's her accessories that make this outfit a winner.

It wouldn't be a young Hollywood event if Kendall Jenner's legs weren't there.

Kylie Jenner subscribes to the quintessential Kardashian look more than her sister.

Weirdly, the biggest trend last night was marabou (Willow Shields, Kalia Prescott, Latarsha Rose).

Love, love love Amandla Stenberg's sea foam bejeweled dress. She managed to look cutting edge while maintaining her little girl-ness. Props to Shailene Woodley for wearing a muumuu with pockets. And author Suzanne Collins looked bookishly sweet in her black cocktail dress and cardigan.

With the bracelet-ring and midriff, Miley Cyrus is such a stoner girlfriend.

It's kinda difficult to think of little Kelly Osbourne as being one of the "adults." The pantsuit and gray hair help, though.

I'm into Leslie Mann's jumpsuit, mostly because she's channeling La Toya Jackson with the epaulettes.

Nice Blonde Ambition headpiece, Miranda Lambert.

I'm guessing that Elizabeth Banks is trying to stay in the theme of the movie/book by wearing something futuristic, which probably explains the pieces of neon plastic swirls, but that doesn't mean that this dress is any less disgusting.