If you live in New York and you set your apartment on fire in some ill-advised (read: don't set your apartment on fire) effort to collect on a suspiciously bloated insurance policy you took out on your second-hand furniture, a firewoman — spellcheck does not, by the way, recognize this apparently alien expression — probably won't be axing through your door to rescue you. Though, as of today, the odds that she will be are slightly better.

After the strong recruiting pitch it made to women this year, the FDNY reports that a whopping 3,481 members of the XX chromosome persuasion signed up for the firefighter entrance exam set for next week, up from 1,400 in 2007. Depending on their general test-taking aptitude, a small number of them could be joining the 24 uniformed female firefighters currently serving in the 11,000-member department. The more than 60,000 do-gooders who signed up for the test this year will be vying for the 300-325 available spots.

In completey unrelated news, a federal judge said Thursday that the city could owe $128 million to minorities after determining that the entrance exam discriminated against them. What? A predominately male organization that hangs out in tiny clubhouses discriminates against outsiders? It sounds a little — a lot — like the Little Rascals, right down to the black and white mottled dog.

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Image via Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.