Pioneers of the viral frontier, Good Morning America would like you to stop videotaping yourself attempting to eat teaspoons of cinnamon. Not only do they think it's stupid, they also worry that you might choke to death. It's sweet of them, really, to show their concern this way, but there's a problem. This trend, dubbed the Cinnamon Challenge, goes back to 2006 — that's as good as dinosaur times for the fast-paced world of the Internet.

For those unaware of the Cinnamon Challenge, we will break for a quick lesson in memes. As mentioned above, the Cinnamon Challenge is when you videotape yourself attempting to eat an entire teaspoon of cinnamon without inhaling or vomiting the powder. These videos have been showing up regularly on Reddit and aggregate sites since the mid-aughts—a search on YouTube results in over 30 thousand Cinnamon Challenge videos. End break.

GMA is right. It is stupid and probably not the best thing to do to your stomach or air passages (though, as far as I can tell, no one has gotten seriously injured because of it). However, why now? And why this? There are millions of Internet videos of people doing ridiculous (and likely more dangerous) things showing up on the web by the second, but this is what the morning news chooses to focus on? I guess you gotta fill those hours somehow.

Tune in Monday for GMA's in depth coverage on this crazy BRAND NEW (since 2004) trend called Ghost-riding the Whip in which people dance outside of their moving cars. And please, no one tell them about horsemaning — a thing where people pretend that their heads are not even ATTACHED to their bodies (this one goes back to the twenties, FYI). I don't think Robin Roberts' heart could take it.