You may have mistaken male model Baptiste Giabiconi for Karl Lagerfeld's hot piece back when the designer used to drag his "muse" around town like a rent boy, but Baptiste's penis is into ladies – specifically Katy Perry. Leaving a hotel in Paris with a group of friends, star stalkers say that Katy and the chiselled Chanel coat hanger were clearly canoodling. "They were with a group of people, but they looked very much like a couple in love," said the source. "He was never more than a foot away from her and they were very flirty. There was a lot of whispering, shared jokes and they were really flirting. They made a very good-looking couple." The final nail in the gossip coffin? Baptiste said that he would have loved to be the other man back when Katy was with Russell Brand: "If I could make her divorce her husband, I'd marry her." In unsubstantiated tabloid terms that's as good as a certificate from City Hall. [The Sun]

Scout Willis has been caught Tweeting about such wild, edgy things as cigarettes, sex and drugs and hating her parents. But it was all just part of a Brown University class project, according to her rep, who released this truthful response/unnecessarily involved lie: "In connection with a class assignment, in which students were asked to create a 'culture jam' or 'hoax,' three students created a satirical and fabricated Twitter account in which everything tweeted was fictional. This was done to illustrate how social media is utilized and that in today's social media culture, you can create a significant twitter following based entirely on fabricated lies, and that the more outrageous and controversial the fabricated statement, the more followers you will get." The whole celebrity offspring thing might have contributed somewhat. [People]

They were acting all amicable-like when they first announced their divorce but things are clearly starting to turn, with Heidi Klum not-so-secretly wishing Seal would shut the fuck up and stop talking to the press about their relationship. "He's going to be 50 next year. He's a grown man. I can't tell him what to do and what not to do. It's hard," she said. "I feel like already so many things [are] being said about us — about him, about me." [NYDN]

Josh Hartnett's secret relationship with Amanda Seyfriend has just been downgraded to secret one-night stands now that Josh has been seen out and about with his ex, Sophia Lie.The two were spotted hanging out together at Brinkley's in SoHo, which means they're for sure back together because exes can't ever be friends. [Page Six]

If Lindsay Lohan's career history is anything to go by then switching her hair back to red is surely a good thing. Think about it. Red hair: Mean Girls, Herbie Fully Loaded. Blonde hair: busty photo shoots with Terry Richardson, all of her five mug shots. I rest my case. [Too Fab]

The extracurricular antics of David Duchovny's cock have hit the news yet again, with the actor pissed that the author of The Myth Of Sex Addiction, David J. Ley, keeps bringing him up during interviews. "We understand that your book characterizes sex addiction as a ‘fictitious disease' ... used as an excuse for irresponsible behavior," said slutty David's lawyer. "Mr. Duchovny objects to being associated with your book in any way." [Page Six]

  • Joey Thompson's job as a Ryan Gosling impersonator has been going great guns since he released an informative video showing how you too – well, guys – can look like the spank-bankable star. He's had a bunch of creepy wedding proposals and there is talk of a German modeling gig! [In Touch]
  • You know who moves like Jagger? Mick Jagger. The legend having a friendly dance-off with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. [Page Six]
  • Julianne Moore bravely lifts the lid on her feud with Jessica Simpson to say, um, there is no feud. [Anderson Cooper]
  • Those wonderful gay executives over at Bravo have blessed us with what is sure to be hilarious – or at least confrontational – TV viewing with a Kathy Griffin talk show. [Bravo]
  • Dear Miley Cyrus, you've been coming across as increasingly interesting of late. Please don't destroy this new thing that we have by acting dicky and parking in accessible spots. Signed, the people. [Page Six]
  • Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no ... yes! It took a while to get there but my brain decided that Denise Richards starring in a Blue Lagoon remake is a good thing. [Deadline]
  • Eva Longoria and Penelop Cruz's brother – aka Eduardo – have split. So much for that "Eva" tattoo, you know, the one he got before they started dating. [NYDN]
  • X Factor bosses have offered Britney Spears $10 million to appear in the second season, but the singer is telling y'all to go jump because she won't do it for less than $16 million. [E!]
  • Quick! Jennifer Garner is out and about following the birth of her third child, let's all ogle her like a bunch of rubes. [E!]
  • Hordes of teen girls in Budapest got up close and personal with Antonio Banderas, which provided the perfect opportunity to pickpocket him. [E!]
  • She has her detractors but genocide survivors, specifically Rwandan genocide survivor Sandra Uwiringiyimana, think Angelina Jolie is just swell. [E!]
  • When some porn honcho says that Hulk Hogan's sex tape could be a best-seller let's hope it's in that morbid car crash/The Human Centipede kind of way. [E!]
  • How much can Jessica Simpson and Snooki make off their as-yet unborn children? Classy E!, real classy. [E!]
  • Kristen Bell says she'll never get her butt crack out on film, but is happy to talk about it at length. [US]
  • Demi Lovato has joined the asshole club by admitting she trashed a hotel room just for fun. Which the cleaning staff undoubtedly also thought was quite the hayride. [US]
  • Here is the entirely not shocking and barely topless photo of Rihanna that's shocking tabloid editors everywhere. [The Sun]
  • Amanda Bynes, imbecile, sped away from a cop who had pulled her over to ticket her for talking on the phone while driving – after he took all of her details. [TMZ]