Turns out that nobody's favorite demagogue, Rush Limbaugh, launched a line of signature ties in 1995. The Rush Limbaugh "No Boundaries" tie collection is long out of production, but its — 100% silk! — licensed masterpieces remain widely available on eBay.

In his book, Al Franken gives an account of listening to Limbaugh, back in 1995, talking up the ties on the radio. Limbaugh started off by describing a United Press International article about his ties that ran in the "People" section:

"Would you like to hear it described? 'Limbaugh's ties are as conservative as he is. Blue, white, red, and gray stripes.' My friends. The last thing my ties are is conservative. That's why we're calling it No Boundaries! These are . . . the last thing in the world these ties would be described as would be conservative. There's not one stripe! On any of the ties!

Not. One. Stripe.

"I mean, that is another example of the stereotypes that the left, and I am including the press in this, have about conservatives. . . . It was my [then-] wife Marta who came up with the whole concept, to tell you the truth, of No Boundaries. And she said no themes on these ties, no ties to issues, no ties to politics . . . These are going to be gorgeous, beautiful ties that anybody would want to wear to make themselves look better. And they are. And there's not one stripe! Not one stripe! On any tie!"

How much Oxy do you think Limbaugh was on when he dreamed up these very un-stripe-y ties?