If you're curious as to why Rihanna would resume hanging out with Chris Brown after he beat the shit of her one only need look to her father, Ronald Fenty, for clues – the self-esteem shredder declaring that his daughter needs to get over herself and give her abuser a second chance. ''Chris is a nice guy and everybody's entitled to make mistakes in their life. God knows how many I've made," he said, hopefully while adding this interview to the list. "She's her own woman now.'' And a whole lotta woman, according to daddy dearest. Mentioning that she was looking all manner of hefty when he saw her last August, the father of the year is taking credit for her slim physique after pressuring her to lose weight with some good, ol' fashioned body criticism. "I actually thought she was a little fat the last time I saw her," he added. "When I saw her at this year's Grammys, I thought she was back to her normal size. I used to joke with her, 'Robyn, you're getting too fat.' But I think she's fine. I think she looked excellent, as everyone saw, at the Grammys. She's dieting, she's working out.'' Thank god for that! She should clearly get back with Chris before she passes the 100-pound mark and no one wants her. [Page Six]
After Rihanna took a racial stab at Chris's girlfriend Karrueche Tran hit back and likened the situation to the Angelina, Brad and Jen triangle of ridiculousness on Facebook: "I'm Angeline [sic], you're Jen. C'mon you see where Brad is at." This should get good — even if that is a line from Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe." [NYDN]
Update: That last bit has been downgraded to bullshit after Karrueche denied even having a Facebook page. But I'm going to leave it there because I like the idea of it. [Radar]

He says he remains clothed when doing a commercial shoot because he's all professional-like, but once Terry Richardson puts the camera down he has his hands free to flop his dick out – because people say he slept with Lindsay Lohan following their shoot at the Chateau Marmont earlier this year. "Lindsay thinks he's really cool and hip and could be great for her career … They had a major night of passion after they worked on this photo shoot together and now she's going all out to get her claws into him," said a source, who added that the sexually suspect photographer is freaking out because Linds wants to kick things up a notch. "Terry is just not interested in pursuing a relationship with Lindsay and totally regrets hooking up with her. Lindsay has been texting and phoning him nonstop and he's actually kind of freaked out by how strong she's been coming on to him; it's all pretty unseemly. As Terry said, there's nothing more unattractive than a desperate woman." I don't know, a rapey photographer is up there. Image via Terry's Diary. [Radar]

Kristen Johnston has confessed to a lifelong addiction to drugs and alcohol, chronicling the downward spiral in her new book, Guts: The Endless Follies And Tiny Triumphs Of A Giant Disaster. "I'm a pill-popping lush. I've been in recovery for five years, and I've worked my ass off to prevent a relapse," she said, adding that things took a turn for the worst when she was in the UK appearing in Love Song in the West End in 2006. "Opening night, and we were a smash hit. Then the next night my intestines ripped open. A thousand knives instantly plunged into my stomach ... [I was] covered in blood and vomit, sweat pouring down my face, sobbing like a four year-old. My perforated tummy had leaked out my stomach contents which had filled up my body, preventing my diaphragm from moving." That's quite a wake-up call. [Daily Mail]

Let's hope Rihanna's dad doesn't catch on to Emma Stone's new workout regime – which consists of sweet fuck all. Saying that she hired a trainer on the set of Spider-Man because she gained some pounds while eating Southern food on the set of The Help, she realized that lifting weights is for chumps. Now preferring sleeping and the occasional dip to the gym. "I haven't worked out for a month and I'm proud of it!" she said. "Running is bad for your knees and I like to do things I actually enjoy, like going for a swim. I had a trainer during Spider-Man and I discovered I have deep-seated rage when I'm holding heavy weights over my head ... I would much rather sleep at night than want to throw a weight across a room at someone." [US]

You kind of forget that Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen used to be married. Elisabeth wants to forget, too, but she's inadvertently helping keep it current by delivering a pretty solid burn when discussing her feelings for her ex-husband. "One of the greatest things I heard someone say about him is, ‘He's so great at doing impersonations. But the greatest impersonation he does is that of a normal person.' To me that sums it up … I don't want to waste any more of my life talking about it," she said, adding an extra kick in the guts when asked if they still keep in touch – you know, in case her feelings weren't 100 per cent clear. "Oh, god, no." [Page Six]

  • Lady Gaga reacts to fears that a planned biopic could paint her as insecure by acting insecure. [NME]
  • Am I the only one peeing themselves a little bit at the thought that Sarah Silverman is filming a pilot loosely based on her life? [Page Six]
  • The original Uruguayan version of The Silent HouseLa Casa Muda – was scary as shit, so let's hope that the US remake with Elizabeth Olsen follows suit. Things seemed well underway when a mouse added that extra touch of unease as it ran over everyone at the New York premiere. [Page Six]
  • It's official! Agyness Deyn's curiously interior designed Williamsburg apartment has been sold for $2.175 million. [Curbed]
  • Understandably skeezed out by an In Touch report suggesting she's sexing on Brett Ratner, Sandra Bullock confirms that their genitals have never met. [E!]
  • And here it comes: every single detail of Snooki's proposal. Starting from the ring choice up. [E!]
  • Though I like the thought of her fiancé Jionni LaValle referring to their unborn child as "ShortnTan." [People]
  • Launched yesterday, a new Courtney Stodden website will take you inside the wonderful world of the poet/performance artist. [E!]
  • Kyra Sedgewick says she still gets "Fluttery" around her husband of 23 years, Kevin Bacon. She should get that checked. [US]
  • Who wouldn't want to smell like Adam Levine's "tremendous charisma" care of his new fragrance? Everyone, you say? Correct. [US]
  • If your clients are women like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez you will make out like a bandit at your baby shower. Just ask personal trainer Tracy Anderson. [US]
  • Speaking of pregnancies, Sienna Miller says being up the duff is all kinds of exciting. [US]
  • Unsurprisingly, members of Bobbi Kristina's family want to shield her from the spotlight and are mighty pissed that someone signed off on her doing a sit down with Oprah. [People]
  • As TMZ reports, Hulk Hogan "banged so many chicks" after his divorce he's not sure who his alleged sex tape partner could be. The plot thins! [US]
  • Real estate porn: the Rosie O'Donnell edition. [Radar]
  • I'm not sure about you but I'm excited by Fiona Apple's upcoming album, the 23-word titled "The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver of The Screw, And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do." I shit you not. [Billboard]
  • In Australia to promote healthy eating, Jamie Oliver got a bit tetchy when a journalist pointed out that he had gained a few pounds: "Are you from a tabloid? Thank you for noticing, you bitch." That's one press conference I wish I'd attended — they're normally not so high school-y. [Daily Mail]
  • Barack Obama's opinion doesn't seem to hold much sway with Harvey Weinstein, the producer turning down an unofficial film pitch the President sent his way. "It was a spy novel. I sent him an email back saying he was the most overqualified book scout I've ever had." Clearly not the best book scout he's ever had. [Vulture]
  • Wanna see a Mad Men-themed Ben & Jerry's flavor? Though I think I speak for us all when I say I'd rather be chomping on a little Jon Hamm. [Vulture]
  • James Cameron, king of the world, is planning a solo 11 kilometre dive into the ocean's deepest trench. [BBC]