You know how Florida lawmakers quit pushing for strict abortion legislation this week in order to focus on more important things? Well, one of those is apparently dyeing animals. Legalizing it, that is.

Yes, tragically, Easter aficionados and other weirdos are currently barred from dunking their beloved pets in ridiculous colors throughout the Sunshine State. But soon they will be set free! According to the Huffington Post, both houses of the Florida legislature have passed a bill including a sneaky provision "repealing s. 828.161, F.S., relating to the prohibition of artificial dying or coloring of certain animals or fowl." Amendment sponsor Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff says the repeal will help dog groomers who want to dye pets for shows. Why this desire should be indulged is unclear. Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich opposed the repeal, saying,

This is not about grooming poodles. This is a way of ensuring that we don't have a lot of little adorable ducks, rabbits and chickens that are given away at Easter time and look so cute and then two or three months later nobody wants them.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as the bill goes to the governor for signature. Maybe she'll be reassured by the above video, in which a neon-pink rabbit looks more horrifying than cute.

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