Forty-four year old Anna Gristina — also known as Anna Scotland — "looks like a normal mom," according to a local resident on New York's Upper East Side. But the petite, green-eyed blonde was allegedly running a brothel in the neighborhood for 15 years, and claimed to have made millions. Gristina, who actually lives in suburban Monroe and is currently in jail on Riker's Island, has pleaded not guilty. But prosecutors say they have 50 or more hours of video and audio recordings in the case. Apparently Gristina's "agency," Fleur d' Elite, had a three-tiered pricing system: Gristina — a born-in-Scotland British citizen with legal U.S. residency — would charge $1,000 for a "Dream Model" woman; $1,500 for "Calendar Girls, fashion models and budding actors," and $2,000 and up for the "Ultimate Elite Model" category.

All of this was going on in a relatively quiet building in a relatively quiet neightborhood. DNAinfo claims:

Attractive women could be seen coming and going from the building — sometimes several per month — for the past few years, but the neighbor chalked it up to a sublet for college kids.

Real estate broker Matt Schad tells The Daily News: "I never saw any regular tenants coming in, living there that I thought I knew… It always seemed to be new people, young men."

Meanwhile, Gristina's husband of ten years says he is "heartbroken" by her arrest. "We are just a great family... and my wife means everything to me," Kelvin Gorr laments.

Gristina allegedly had many well-to-do clients, and was with a friend who works at Morgan Stanley when she was arrestsed (possibly meeting with him to arrange for financing a an online prostitution business). And while no johns have been named in this case, isn't it strange that this successful businesswoman is in jail while the dudes who paid for sex are not? Yes, prostitution is illegal. But it seems like Gristina ran a steady, flourishing company where consenting adults paid cash for services and (as far as we know) no one got hurt. And her attorney would have us believe she's a sweetheart!

"She is willing to wear an ankle bracelet — anything to get back to her poor kids," he said, adding that "she has a home for rescued animals as part of her estate."

(The judge pointed out that at least two of these "poor kids" are adult children, and that Gristina's husband is taking care of the youngest child.)


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