A 76-year-old New Orleans woman named Millie Campbell has embarked on a quixotic mission to "pray the crime away" in a city whose murder rate is 10 times the national average. Campbell and her fellow prayer vigilante Betty drive around the most dangerous New Orleans neighborhoods, blessing the streets by waving their arms out of the windows (which might explain some of the dents in the side of Campbell's Chevy), but before you roll your eyes at this seemingly ineffectual crime-fighting tactic, consider that Campbell has organized small groups of women to make these prayer circuits, which are really more like neighborhood watch patrols in that they let would-be criminals in blighted urban areas know that now, at least, someone may be present to witness their misdeeds.

And lest you think that Campbell might be at all delusional based on her claim that Jesus called her to drive around dangerous neighbors, she insists that she never goes out on foot because, she says, "Jesus never told me to get out of my car."

‘Prayin' lady' tackles New Orleans crime [CBS]