Barnard College announced today that Barack Obama will deliver the keynote address for this year's 600 graduating women. SO JEALOUS. I don't even remember who my commencement speaker was, just that he was super pretentious and that I had never heard of any of the supposedly amazing books he talked about having written. It's also a possibility that I was too hungover to deal with the whole thing — but if Obama had been the speaker seeing me off into the real world, I never would have stayed up all night drinking bad whiskey at the horrible on-campus bar! Anyway, at least we can all watch the speech, broadcast live, on Barnard's website, and pretend we're right there with the POTUS.

"This is an extraordinary honor for Barnard and we are thrilled to welcome President Obama for this important moment in the lives of our graduates and their families," said Barnard President Debora L. Spar. "His commitment to empowering women is so meaningful to our students, who aspire to lead and make their mark on the world. No doubt, the President's words will make this year's Commencement truly unforgettable."

President Barack Obama to Speak at Barnard College Commencement [Barnard]