Kim Kardashian and her sisters have made a ton of money shilling QuickTrim diet pills, which — gasp! — don't actually help people lose weight. And the plaintiffs in a new $5 million lawsuit against the Kardashian clan claim they never would have purchased QuickTrim products if the sisters hadn't pushed them so hard.

According to the suit, the Kardashians have been lying about QuickTrim since 2009 via magazine ads and social media. (Sample tweet from Kim: "Our QuickTrim cleanse will be massive! Khloe has already lost so much weight.") There's no way that QuickTrim could have been all that helpful, the plaintiffs say, since the main ingredient in QuickTrim pills is caffeine, which is "not a safe or effective treatment for weight control," according to the FDA. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe have yet to comment.

Look, it's hardly shocking that QuickTrim pills aren't a magical quick-fix weight loss solution — if one actually existed, we'd all know about it — just like it's pretty basic knowledge that most celebrities look the way they do because of trainers and nutritionists, if not eating disorders and harder, speedier drugs. But it's fucked up of Kim and her sisters to lie repeatedly to their mostly young and female fanbase, many of whom have been wasting their money on QuickTrim pills in hopes of achieving Kim's "bikini body" but getting nothing but the caffeine jitters in return. Let's hope the Kardashians lose this lawsuit. They can certainly afford it, and maybe it'll remind them that they actually serve as role models in this crazy messed-up world of ours, not just walking advertisements for shitty products.