That Jeremy Lin is something special, isn't he? Not only is the guy a tremendous basketball dribbler, a media sensation, and very nearly the namesake for the most racist ice cream ever to come out of Ben & Jerry's curdled brains, he's also a sensible dresser. Did I forget anything? Oh, that's right — he's also impervious to sluts.

The Post gleefully reports that after the Knicks beat a poor, Lebron-less Cleveland Cavaliers team in New York on Wednesday, Lin was spotted at a place called the Darby wearing the "classic dorky Harvard guy" get-up — "jeans, sneakers, a blue plaid shirt and a white sweater." It was also noted that Lin didn't drink and that he was swamped by adoring fans, not a few of which were, tee-hee-hee, women. Lin even talked to some of these women and before you worry that "women" is too general a word to tell us anything more about Jeremy Lin's tastes, a casual observer was thankfully able to assess just the sort of women New York's favorite four-syllable personage associates with: "He seemed interested in smart girls that didn't look slutty."


So take heed, women of New York or any other city with an NBA team — if you want to get Jeremy Lin's attention, dye your hair an intellectual shade of brown, put on a pair of sensible reading glasses, and sidle up next to him at the club with a tattered copy of The Stranger (in French) and some sort of intelligent glass of wine. Probably not Merlot, I guess.

Not Lin style, but still hot [NY Post]