Creepiness isn't usually the first thing most people look for in a Groupon deal, but the company must have been trying to get people to broaden their horizons when they decided to partner with a group selling tours of the places serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer did his morbid work in Milwaukee. The text of the deal included the actual phrase, "Give yourself the creeps with this Groupon," which is ridiculous. And here's what it promised, "Guides march guests through the grisly corridors of Jeffrey Dahmer's life and killing spree as they narrate the triggers of his psychosis and the heinous crimes he committed." Umm, fun? If your idea of fun is getting a great bargain on enough nightmare material to last a lifetime.

Residents of Milwaukee already weren't very happy that this tour was being offered, and when the deal showed up on Groupon—offering takers a $35 discount on the tour—people got even more angry and complained to Groupon. They've apologized, saying they didn't mean to offend anyone. The deal has been pulled, but not before a lucky 15 people took advantage of the chance to see a bunch of random depressing street corners and empty fields in Milwaukee.

Tour of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's haunts provokes outrage [MSNBC]