Our mothers had Mary Kay, their mothers had Tupperware, and now there's a new lady party in town: the butt pumping party. Unlike makeup and plastic storagewear, though, throwing festive gatherings wherein ladies have silicon injected into their asses is illegal. Which is bad news to several partying butt pumpers in Philadelphia.

According to NBC10, authorities have nabbed the queen of the Philadelphia Butt Pump, a woman police call the "Black Madam."


"Black Madam," whose real name is Page Windslowe, is actually in pretty big trouble for her role in the botched butt pumpings of three women. One woman, a 20-year-old British student, died after a procedure went awry. Another woman, a 19-year-old exotic dancer, received a butt injection but checked herself into a hospital after she began coughing up blood three days later. The most recent illegal butt pump recipient was a 23-year-old Philadelphia woman.

Windslowe is being held on a $10 million bail as authorities investigate her role in the British student's death. In the meantime, she's being charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, deceptive business practices and related charges in relation to the case of the butt-pumped 23-year-old. Police confiscated syringes, silicone, and Crazy Glue that Windslowe allegedly used to seal injection wounds.

Warning, people whose lives have been unduly influenced by the lyrics of Sir Mix A Lot: even though some people prefer big butts, and they cannot lie, they'd probably rather you be alive and flat assed than dead with a pumped posterior.

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