The South Dakota state legislature is considering a bill that would clearly define what is and is not a crime when it comes teen sexting, that ill-advised horny boobies-sending pictures to each other, which means that transcripts of South Dakota legislative debates are about to get hilarious. Think "scene in every Adam Sandler movie ever when the grandma raps," but with an ensemble of dudes, some of whom elongate their vowels.

The legislation, introduced by Mitchell Republican Mike Vehle, would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor to produce, create, distribute, or promote images of naked minors through a computer or digital media. This spares teenagers caught in a flurry of hormones or mean spiritedness the punishment doled out to adult child pornographers without letting them completely off the hook. The bill specifies that minors who receive images of other minors but delete them without sending will be spared punishment. Finally, teens from Aberdeen to Rapid City caught sending pictures of their Mount Rushmores, Little Bighorn, or Badlands won't be forced to register as sex offenders because of their transgressions.

SD house panel passes bill on juvenile sexting [CBS]

Image via Thampapon/Shutterstock