When couples are having trouble getting pregnant, quite often, the woman heads to her doctor for answers. But, as Time reports, a new product called SpermCheck is now available for at-home tests:

The test reveals whether sperm count appears normal, at 20 million or more sperm per ml; lower than that indicates a trip to the doctor is pretty much unavoidable. Stores will begin stocking the $39.99 test in April; until then, men — or their partners — can find it online at Walgreens.com and CVS.com.

Yeah, pretty sure the partners will be doing the shopping. Still, John Herr, director of the Center of Cell Biology at the University of Virginia and the chairman of SpermCheck says that the test could be for "those men who are just curious about their sperm count." Haha! Hey, for 40 bucks, some bored dude can stop wondering whether Spider-Man could beat Superman in a fight and find out he's shooting blanks.

I'll Take a Sperm Test, to Go: First at-Home Male-Infertility Test Debuts [Time]

Image by Josh Resnick/Shutterstock.