A quarter. That's one fourth (0.25 for the fraction phobic), or, in terms the notoriously math deficient faction of humanity that educators term "women" can best understand, not a whole lot. It's also the number Cathy Shulman reminded her audience of at the Women in Film's fifth annual pre-Oscar party when she pointed out that the "best of the best" women in film amounted this year to just 45 of the 200 Oscar nominees.

Shulman said that women usually make up less than 25% of all Oscar nominees, adding, "It's important we work together to increase that statistic." Gwyneth Paltrow co-hosted the event, addressing the crowd with some more rousing words, saying with typical Paltrow fury, "We're smarter and better than men. I raise an imaginary glass to all nominees." Careful that imaginary champagne flute doesn't smash into the very real glass ceiling hanging just over every film industry woman's head! Shulman highlighted women who work in technical/behind-the-scenes categories that nobody except groundhog film buffs (that would be film buffs that come out of their holes once every year for the Oscars) cares about, like Martin Scorsese's longtime film editor Thelma Schoonmaker and costume designer Sandy Powell, who have both been nominated over 10 times. Here's a wacky idea — since movies suck so much now, how about we let women take the fuck over the film industry? At least then we wouldn't have to suffer through so many board game and action figure movies.

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