Ensuring that her Disney legacy goes up in a cloud of smoke — boom, tish! — Miley Cyrus was caught doing a little weed shopping with a friend at an LA-area medical marijuana dispensary. True, she might have just been accompanying but everyone hopes that a pal with a weed card will one day become a friend with benefits. She already professed her love for weed on the night of her 19th birthday, saying she wasn't all that surprised when her friends got her a cake in the shape of Bob Marley because she's a huge fan of the green: "You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much fucking weed!" And though her publicist claimed she was being sarcastic, it's going to be a bit harder for her to giggle her way out of this one. [Daily Mail]

Betty Ford have got another signed headshot to add to the wall because it's just been revealed that Gerard Butler is about to complete a stint in rehab. Keeping it on the down-low because he's presumably not there just to satisfy an angry judge on the back of a DUI, the actor will be released today after dealing with some painkiller and cocaine-related woe. Snitches say he got addicted to painkillers after dealing with the pain of transforming himself into a he-man way back on the set of 300. His recent surfing accident only serving to ramp up the access and usage. Finger snaps all round for his successful treatment. [TMZ]

American Idol, like all competition-based reality shows, is about nurturing raw talent for the good of the industry. It's got nothing at all to do with ratings and advertising revenue, as talk of a duet between Rihanna and Chris Brown clearly shows. "They want Chris and Rihanna to reunite on the show," said an insider. No word on whether it'll be an arty domestic-violence themed performance, but the idea already sounds exceptionally classy so it's entirely possible. [E!]
Jay-Z is adding his signature to the list of people who are upset by the fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown are fraternizing – and doesn't think she's setting a very good example for her female fans. [Radar]
Taylor Armstrong, however, thinks everybody should just be cool about the reunion. [ONTD]

Say what you will about Megan Fox, there is no denying she is exceptionally beautiful when compared to most real-life humans. So forgive me for my overly dramatic eye-roll when I read that she's joining the I-was-an-ugly-duckling-and-everyone-hated-me-in-high-school crew that many stunning famous women jump themselves into when someone puts a recorder in the general vicinity of their symmetrical face. "I was never the pretty girl," she said, adding that she was "abrasive" and "obnoxious." Which is fine, obnoxious we can see. [US]

Some prized possessions of Madonna's stalker have been found in a storage locker in California and itemized for our horrified consumption. In something straight out of a TV movie – or the locker of a teen goth – Dewey Hoskins amassed a delightful collection of knives, Madge memorabilia, a headless doll and several videos of young kids. Okay, perhaps teen goths might skip that last one. Though he's still locked up in a state psychiatric hospital after threatening to slit the pop star's throat in 1996 he still manages to be hella creepy after all this time. [Page Six]

We've seen the PG one before, but for those of you who dare to care here is the red-band trailer for Friends With Kids – with approximately 120 per cent more swears. Though we're still going to be watching it for Kristen Wiig and the rest of the Bridesmaids cast alone, might I query one plot point? Why would you have sex with your best friend when you could just go down the ol' turkey baster route? [YouTube]

  • Proving that is indeed the next film franchise to occupy precious headspace for the next five-to-ten years, The Hunger Games outsold Twilight in first-day advance sales. [Yahoo]
  • In unexpected news, Tim Tebow had a delightful dinner date, bro-style, with Fred Durst. I know everyone always says it, but I'd really like to have been privy to what these two were talking about. I imagine it'd have been the conversational equivalent of this. [Page Six]
  • The cast of Jersey Shore are on a mission to catch crabs. Surprisingly, it's a lot harder than any of us thought. [E!]
  • For those of you waiting to hear back about grad school, let this picture of Tyra Banks graduating from Harvard Business School motivate/crush you. [E!]
  • She's been out of Pampers for a while now, so it's high time Kris Jenner pushed her daughter Kendall out into the workforce – seen here pushing an Australian bikini line. [E!]
  • She was once heralded as the most awesome female character on TV, but Tina Fey's Liz Lemon has come under fire of late. The New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum says everyone needs to calm down. [The New Yorker]
  • No one could ever accusing Jenna Maroney of being anything short of brilliantly horrible, as this street-walk down memory lane proves. How on earth has Jane Krakowski not won an Emmy by now? [NBC]
  • Likewise, I refuse to believe that this video of my beloved Coco accepting a fake Academy Award will not come true at some stage in the very near future. [US]
  • Jessica Simpson says that sometimes when you're pregnant you feel like "a big blob." [US]
  • Felicity Huffman adds that to be a good mom sometimes means you come across like a bitch. And that's okay. [US]
  • It what could be perceived as a bit iffy by burn victims, Jennifer Aniston likens her rich lady chemical peel to being a burn victim. [US]
  • It sounds much more exciting on paper, but Justin Bieber is decidedly unimpressed with the makers of a mobile app called "Joustin' Beaver." [TMZ]
  • Unfortunately, rehab can't make all of your problems magically go away and Brooke Mueller is being charged with assault and felony possession of cocaine with intent to distribute after her December 2 arrest. [TMZ]
  • Lucy Lawless is a hardass onscreen and off, climbing on top of an oil tanker in New Zealand with Greenpeace to halt drilling plans in the Arctic. She even gives a Xena war cry! [TMZ]
  • The Duggars' extortion photos, like everything else about that family besides their epic procreation ability, are pretty beige. [Radar]
  • One of the world's hottest couples, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham, will hopefully spawn and give our children someone to perve over now they're engaged to be wed. [Mirror]
  • It was the haircut that spawned a million fucking ugly ones just like it, but Jennifer Aniston says that her infamous ‘Rachel' was more to hide the fact that she had damaged, curly hair. [Express]