What's fun about costume designers on the red carpet is that you're guaranteed excitement and creativity (read: Odd hair color, jaunty hats, kooky glasses). Here, we get to see artists expressing themselves instead of an actress wearing what something a stylist picked out.

Sandy Powell's dress—composed of wood-grained pieces of plastic—was a work of art.

Arianne Phillips's feather handbag is everything.

Designers' interpretations of LBD: Julie Vogel, Roma Maffia, and Ane Crabtree.

The coolest girls at the party, in my opinion—Lou Eyrich in what looks like vintage, Jennifer Eve in all leopard, and Trish Summerville in a belted gown.

Jane Lynch has been killing it lately on the red carpet ever since she quit wearing goddamn pantsuits all the time.

Best Dressed: Amber Valletta's feet.

Oof! Creepily awesome snake bracelet aside, Ellie Kemper's iridescent, striped, asymmetrical gown has a lot of problems.

Do you think Rooney Mara is kinda pissed that she has to stay essentially stay in character for the next few years as they make all these Dragon Tattoo sequels? I applaud Christa B. Allen's choice of a plain black choker. Designer Roseanne Fiedler shines in mirrored accents.

I guess Marcia Gay Harden's ensemble could be considered a little too much of a lot, but her heels have mirrors!

Shiny fabric can sometimes be difficult to pull off, as we can see with Erika Christensen. Penelope Ann Miller is going to keep trying to make misguided attempted to look like old Hollywood in order to remind people that she was in a movie that was nominated for an Oscar this year. However, designer Erin Benach pulls off the Joan Crawford look much better than PAM.