Last night was the first ever McQ by Alexander McQueen fashion show. Sarah Burton, the McQueen creative director, told the New York Times backstage that she wanted to "elevate" this part of the brand. She definitely brought the drama: London Fashion Week attendees reportedly gasped at the end of the show when what looked like a solid brick wall disappeared into thin air, the mist cleared and there, at the end of the runway, was a forest — real live trees — with a tiny house in the middle. Then the house turned into a discothéque, where model Kristen McMenamy — the star of the show — served drinks. But let us talk about the clothes, shall we?

A lot of the daytime ensembles were military-inspired. Very Inglorious Basterds. If you have longed to lose friends and intimidate people by dressing like a member of the SS, this is the collection for you.

Then again, perhaps the strong shoulders and uniform-esque lapels are meant to convey a sense of strength and don't-fuck-with-me-ness. Fashion shorthand.

But, um, also: Armed forces.

The dudes were also drafted.

Moving into eveningwear, Burton worked with deep, dark, rich colors like oxblood and loden. Embroidery and flocking add to a sense of richness. Old-world opulence. For some reason, this dress wasn't available to us on Getty, but I have to link to it because I luuuuurve it. LOVE!

If you have a luxe garden party to attend, you're in luck: Flirty florals were on the menu. Deep black velvet keeps things from getting too light, too airy, too casual.

But, O, the dresses! The dresses were divine. Reminscent of Dior's New Look, the tiny waists with full skirts are slightly retro, totally romantic, and incredibly gorgeous. After the war, life is all champagne and parties. And we shall twirl and twirl and twirl.

Images via Getty.