The Duet, which is being called the iPod of vibrators, costs $149 and is charged via USB connection. Michael Topolovac, co-creator of the device, tells The Daily Beast: "It's not just about an orgasm It's about, ‘How do I feel when I buy this object'? ‘How does it come to me'? ‘How do I travel when with it'? ‘How do I feel when I touch it'? It's about the larger experience that touches sexuality." The most interesting thing about the Duet is not its more-flat-than-cylindrical industrial design, or the fact that it was created to be more like jewelry than a sex toy, but the fact that it holds either 8 or 16 gigabytes of data, depending on which model you choose. Pretty sure you can get at least seven Ryan Gosling movies on the eight gig.

The Duet: The iPod of Vibrators? [The Daily Beast]