The newest "It Gets Better" video comes to us care of the San Francisco Police Department, the nation's first law enforcement agency to join the viral video campaign geared toward LGBT youth. In the video, officers in uniform open up about the struggles of coming out as a cop. "I was a police officer for four years and believed I was the only gay male police officer in the world," one admits. Others reassure viewers that leaving the closet can be easier than it seems: "I think it was harder for me to tell my mom than it was for my mom to hear what I had to say," a female officer says.

Police Chief Greg Suhr, who is straight but talks about his own experience being bullied in the video, said it was "a no-brainer" for his department, which employs 200 openly LGBT officers, to join the project. "It does get better, and until it does, we here in the San Francisco Police Department are going to stick up for you," he said. All "It Gets Better" videos tug at my heartstrings, but I found this one particularly powerful — maybe because cops are so often portrayed as power-hungry, macho assholes.

SF police reach out to gay youth with online video [San Francisco Chronicle]