The Whitney Houston has died in Beverly Hills at the age of 48. Her publicist has confirmed the sad news. MORE »

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's TV roundup, Downton's staff might be headed towards a big change, relationships are made and broken inside Ikea on 30 Rock, Die Antwoord freaks out David Letterman, and Portlandia gets into Battlestar.More »

Rick Santorum Says Women Aren't Fit for Combat Because They're Just So Emotional

Pretty much every time he opens his mouth, Rick Santorum manages to commit some kind of flagrant foul, but yesterday he really delivered a doozy. This time it was on the matter of ladies in combat. More »

Has Your Cat Infected You With a Mind-Controlling Parasite? Probably.

Nature is capable of engineering some pretty crazy stuff, so maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that many of us are infected with a parasite that has quietly invaded our brain. More »

For How Many Seconds, Exactly, Can You Leave Your Baby Alone?

One of the more horrifying things I read while extremely pregnant was not the description of the abdominal muscle wall separation that can happen at the end of your gestation, but rather a Facebook message from a high school friend describing a typical day in her life with a 6-month-old. More »

Noted Liar Karen Handel Defensively Resigns From Komen

Karen Handel, the anti-choice Georgia conservative behind Susan G. Komen's defunding of Planned Parenthood, has resigned from her post as the charity's Senior Vice President of Public Policy. More »

Fashion Week Begins, and Lindsay Lohan Is a Stain on the Red Carpet

Because it was kicking off New York's Fall Fashion Week, the red carpet of the annual amfAR Gala-a black-tie event that raised money for AIDS research, prevention and education-was at once elegant and fashion-forward. More »

Cupcakes Are Ruining Everything

Once upon a time, cupcakes were just a run of the mill dessert. Now there are boutique cupcake bakeries all over the place and our consumption shows no signs of slowing. More »

How to Act at Someone Else's Church

Back in December, we offered some tips on going to a holiday celebration of another religion. But religious services of various kinds go on all year, and different rules apply when you're in church than when you're at a Hanukkah party. More »

Why Do Men Love 'Barely Legal' Porn?

Visit any top porn site today, and you'll be spoiled for choice. At YouPorn (which Wikipedia brands the most-popular "adult" site in the world), the viewer can choose from thousands of videos in dozens of genres. More »

This Week In Tabloids: Courtney the Evil Succubus Maneater Will Devour Bachelor Ben

Welcome back to Midweek Madness! Every Wednesday, we feast on dishes of gossip from In Touch, Us, Ok!, Life & Style, and Star. More »

On the Anniversary of Her Death, Anna Nicole Smith Is Still Around

Perhaps Anna Nicole Smith's legacy is that she somehow managed to establish any kind of legacy at all. She plowed her way onto our pop cultural landscape in 1992, took up permanent residency, amazingly remained relevant for the next 15 years, and died of a drug overdose in 2007. More »

Girly Lego Sucks, But It's Selling Like Hotcakes

In the six weeks since Lego launched their controversial (and pink) Friends line aimed at young girls, pushback has been strong. But sales are strong as well, and the company's response to criticism has been consistently clumsy, exacerbating rather than calming the problem.More »

The Ladymag Labor System is Fucked

We're all well-versed in the predictable shenanigans of The Devil Wears Prada. It's really no secret that assistants in the fashion and media industry work long hours, slogging away well into the night to complete menial assignments dished out by their superiors with little or no thanks.More »

Romanian 'Model' With 20-Inch Waist A Fave of Pro-Ana Porn Site

After the Daily Mail ran a story about Ioana Spangenberg, an 84 lb. model with a 20-inch waist (which becomes even smaller when she wears her corset) I naturally watched a YouTube clip of her impossible Barbie-Doll-come-to-life proportions in motion.More »