Hey, remember that craptastic commercial featuring Courtney Stodden as a mermaid that was so ridiculous some suspected it must be amateur absurdist performance art video? Close! Because the folks at FreeCreditScore.com would like for you to know that they did not, repeat, not hire Ms. Stodden to appear in any kind of advertisement for their brand whatsoever.

Moments ago, I received the following email:

Hi, Dodai

On behalf of my client, FreeCreditScore.com, I am requesting a correction for the following article on Jezebel.com — Jezebel.

It has been inaccurately reported that Courtney Stodden was paid to star in an advertisement for FreeCreditScore.com. FreeCreditScore.com did not hire, approve, or compensate Ms. Stodden or her production team for an advertisement or to represent the brand in any fashion. She and a production team were among dozens of creative producers who responded on spec to a posting on Poptent.com, a crowdsourced video production service, where brands and agencies post specific video assignments to generate creative concepts for review and consideration by a brand. Poptent's participation guidelines specifically state that any and all work product must first be selected, reviewed, and approved by the client brand or agency before it can be commercially shared or distributed. Such review and approval from Poptent.com or FreeCreditScore.com never occurred. Additionally, both Poptent.com and their client FreeCreditScore.com wish to reiterate that neither Courtney Stodden, nor her production team, were selected or funded for any FreeCreditScore.com advertisement, nor was she hired to be a representative of the brand. Poptent and FreeCreditScore.com are working together to rectify this misrepresentation of the FreeCreditScore.com brand.

Thanks in advance for your prompt response and attention to this matter.

Warm Regards,
Corie, on behalf of FreeCreditScore.com

The funniest part is that I was so distracted by the cooing mermaid and her underwire bra that I didn't even mention what company the commercial was for. But now, in my mind, FreeCreditScore.com will be known as The Company Deeply Horrified By Courtney Stodden, or TCDHBCS. Wait! It should be an aliteration, like The Company Convincingly Condemning Courtney's Crazy Commercial. Or some such.