It's sort of universally understood that The Situation is a slimeball borderline molester and that Paul D. is barely any better with his seemingly pathological need to pick have sex with a different woman every night only to have her driven away by a cab before his bed grows cold or his dick gets dry. So given his roommates, I guess that by comparison, Vinny seems like a halfway decent guy. But is he? In this clip, he's not only objectifying the woman he has sex with, but he insults her on top of it, referring to her as "a 5 or a 6" on the 1 - 10 scale. I mean, naturally, these girls are partially responsible for being on the show at all for signing releases—particularly because, this being the fifth season, they've witnessed how hookups are portrayed—but seeing as how they are always picked up at clubs, I question how sober they are when they actually sign the release forms. I would think that the tactics used to get those girls' signatures are far more aggressive and unethical than those used by the douche bags that are trying to get laid.

But whatever the case, Vinny is an asshole and he's boring to boot.