While Rick Santorum was raking in campaign cash, mcstabbypants was busy pondering what the rest of us could do to retain our sanity:

Can we just split the country up into two parts? Those people who would really like to live in a country without universal healthcare, where abortions are illegal, where gay people can't marry, and whatever other lame ultra-conservative notions are popular, can go live there, and the rest of us can live in the other one. Santorum, Romney, and the rest of 'em can duke it out for president of "Craptastic USA" and we can watch it on t.v. like a reality show or something. It's a huge country; we have the room to divvy it up. The only problem I can see would be the large influx of refugees from "Craptastic USA" to "Reasonable USA" once people start to realize that actually *living* under their own ideals kind of sucks.

Problem solved!

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