Now that I have a kid, I make it a point to not judge other parents, because it's really just the hardest job in the world. So, purely in my desire to understand the situation, I'd like to know where Leah finds the time to do all these things—like get drunk and have an affair—when she has infant twins at home, one of whom is a special needs child. It's not like I'd use her scheduling tips to go out and cheat on my own husband, but it'd be nice if I could find about 20 minutes in the day to put on a fraction of the amount of eyeliner she wears. I mean, I just have this one run-of-the mill baby and she monopolizes my life to the point that I've been too tired to bother changing the milk-stained bra I've been wearing for three days. And time aside, where does this girl get the energy that's required of someone who is so horny that she can't wait one week until her honeymoon and simply must have sex with the first guy who will pay attention to her?

Really, I'm just asking, because I am impressed.