The news from LA's Miramonte Elementary School keeps getting worse: in addition to Mark Berndt (accused of feeding kids his semen, among other stomach-turning crimes) and Martin Springer (accused of fondling seven-year-old girls), a third teacher is now implicated. The unnamed woman allegedly helped Berndt by sending female students to his classroom to "get cookies" (which were in at least one case apparently coated with his semen). A lawyer for the alleged victims describes this teacher's role: "The way Berndt pulled this off is he'd come into her class in the middle of the day, he'd go up to her and whisper in her ear. Then she would go pull out two little girls, and she'd walk the little girls right through the common door into Mr. Berndt's dungeon."

If you can take it, here's even more bad news: back in 2009, the mom of an eleven-year-old Miramonte student found a love letter written to the kid by a teacher's aide. The letter said things like "I didn't tell you that I like when you put your arm around my shoulder, and if I told you not to do that it's because I don't want to put you in trouble, but I like it" and "When you get close to me, even if you give me the chills I like that." The mom reported the letter, but school officials said the aide was just expressing grandmotherly affection, and did nothing. Now the district and police are launching a real investigation — three years after the fact.


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