She was dragged through the mud back in November when she had the audacity to promote literacy in elementary schools, and now former adult star Sasha Grey is on trial once again thanks to a porn company who is trying to donate money to the program on her behalf. Leaving the industry last April, Assence Films are releasing one of Grey's final scenes as part of Anal Artists and wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds – without her knowledge – to the National Education Association's Read Across America program, but they don't want the green. "Sasha Grey is not affiliated with the National Education Association's Read Across America program nor has she been invited or endorsed by NEA to read at any of the association's Read Across America Day events, and NEA will not accept any proceeds from her latest, or any of her films," reads a statement. Okay, so they don't want the money, but did they have to insult her by lying and saying she was never invited to read in the first place? Was she allowed to just wander into the school on that day and read to kids unfettered? Perhaps instead of setting a bad example by being liar liar pants on fires and making it all about how much of a leper she is they should focus on the porn company who are trying to get free press off the back of her notoriety. But, of course, it will instead devolve into a debate about whether people who enjoy consensual adult sex should be allowed near children. [Huff Po]

Yesterday a federal appeals court in California declared Prop 8 to be unconstitutional – bringing the dream of same-sex and animal marriage ever closer – and Ellen DeGeneres took it as an opportunity to discuss how awesome it is. Conversely, she discussed how un-awesome One Million Homophobic Moms are for trying to organize a boycott against JCPenney after they hired her as a spokesperson and soiled traditional values with her gayness. "Here are the values that I stand for," she countered. "I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated, and helping those in need. To me those are traditional values and that's what I stand for." [Ellen]

It's a little bit late now but if someone had put together a Shit Karl Lagerfeld Says it'd hands down be the best in the series, because the man can't help but keep on keeping on when it comes to the sound bite department. First he called Adele fat and now he's guest-edited Paris's Metro and blessed us with his thoughts on online shopping, being a human, his lack of sex drive and so much more – in effect, supplying us with the perfect Shit Karl Says script. A taste: "I look the part. But I'm not that human … I'm like a TV antenna … I think sex is an overrated subject … I don't do it because I don't have the Internet … hmm … I don't give the number of my credit card … But more down to earth than me you will never find. You cannot be more down to earth … So anyway, over, over. The battery is finished, huh, puft." It writes itself. [Fashionista]

While we're on the topic of Adele and Shit Blank Says, may we present to you with possibly the worst one out of the bunch – which is a pretty major feat – with Shit Adele Says. Beyond being offensive with all of the diet talk, it's just really boring. I present it to you merely so you can bitch about it with authority. [YouTube]

Robert Pattinson and co. are shaking their fists at Daniel Radcliffe after he admitted he has slept with his fans – therefore giving sexually motivated Twihards a renewed lease on their stalking life. But they should be safe if they stay away from bars because Danny boy says it only happened when he'd been drinking. "I was always very nervous about the groupie thing. I like to like somebody before I sleep with them," he said. "I have … I mean, that has happened, but generally speaking I've known the person. Apart from a few times when I was drinking." [NYDN]
Radcliffe also says that he wishes Harry Potter had received more Oscar nominations. [US]

  • Move over Gisele, Connor Cruise's tirade about the Giants' Super Bowl win contains approximately 67 per cent more swears and added homophobic extracts. [Page Six]
  • On the lighter side of the Super Bowl, Tracy Morgan kept football fans entertained by using the flight home as a stand-up venue – cracking jokes in the aisle the whole way. Which would be kind of sucky if you weren't a fan of his schtick. [Page Six]
  • Courtney Love sure knew how to make rich tech guy Michael Saylor feel special on his birthday after being hired to perform for him at the Highline: "I don't know who the fuck Michael Saylor is, but happy birthday and thanks for the free drinks." [Page Six]
  • There are rumors that Adam Levine and Anne V. have called it quits. Which is of little consequence for anyone other than fans of Maroon 5 and Victoria's Secret. [Page Six]
  • She claims to have been criticized for not being Latina enough in the past, but Christina Aguilera says her detractors can suck it: "I wouldn't be questioned if I looked more stereotypically Latina. Whatever that is. All I know is no one can tell me I'm not a proud Latina woman." [Huff Po]
  • If you're curious to hear Snooki and J-Woww's thoughts on sexuality and feminism then this is the link for you. [Huff Po]
  • They have an army of child soldiers at their disposal so I pity the fool who tries to extort money from the Duggars amid claims one of their clan is sleeping with an older gentleman. No pictures, no proof, I hear you say? Well, the blackmailer says she's got some and will sell them to the highest bidder. No word on who it might be, but their name starts with "J" – which doesn't narrow things down all that much. [NYDN]
  • Joan Rivers says that talk of her having had 739 plastic surgeries is bullshit, but she does share an intimate relationship with the surgeon's scalpel: "Every weekend I just go in and I do something new. I get a tenth one free. It's a little like coffee, you just keep going." [NYDN]
  • I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about Joseph Gordon-Levitt directing Scarlett Johansson is both adorable and faintly wrong. Like kids playing grown-up. [Yahoo]
  • In news you didn't really need to know but that I'm going to tell you about anyway: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have invested in a sex swing in order to spice up their penetrative life. [E!]
  • Laura Dern and Ben Harper are having the most undramatic celebrity divorce ever. [E!]
  • Your gossip reporter for the day, Zac Efron, wants you to know that Rumer Willis is doing okay after her mom's overdose drama. [E!]
  • And the name of Rober Downey Jr. and Susan Downey's son is … Exton Elias Downey! [US]
  • Say what you will about Chelsea Handler, everyone in Hollywood seems to want a piece of her pie. Such as Charlize Theron — seen here hauling a shitload of booze over to Handler's place. [US]
  • Jennifer Lopez says she'd have no problem strapping on her famed green Versace Grammy dress again. I think we'd all like to see that happen. [US]
  • Russell Brand has once again proven himself a decent man and is saying "No thanks" to any of Katy Perry's money. [TMZ]
  • This picture of Jay-Z and Liza Minnelli hanging out at Carnegie Hall is giving me a case of the smiles. [TMZ]
  • At 53, one would hope that Sharon Stone still has a bit of fuel in the tank, but it's nice that she's been recognized with a lifetime achievement award all the same. [Ministry Of Gossip]
  • Eva Mendes says it's "pretentious" that she taught her dog behavioral commands in French. She's right, but she forgot to add adorable! [People]
  • Those of you who are in your twenties and engaged had better hold on for a little longer, according to Jennifer Garner. She says she wishes she hadn't gotten married young: "I wish I'd known to wait for marriage until I was 30 or over." [Radar]
  • Though people be saying Demi Moore is not at Cirque Lodge, Radar want you to know that if she was she wouldn't be allowed to weigh herself. [Radar]