Forget the best thing since sliced bread, because it turns out sliced bread is actually the worst thing ever—okay, not ever, but it is the worst in terms of sodium content. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention compiled the list of the top 10 sources of sodium in our diet, and bread and rolls came in at the number one spot. The ten foods on the list are responsible for a whopping 44 percent of the sodium we consume on a daily basis.

While on the surface, bread doesn't seem that salty, it accounts for more than twice the amount of sodium in our diet as potato chips and pretzels do. Seven percent of the sodium we consume in a day comes from bread simply because we eat so much more of it than we do a lot of the other foods on the list. So what are the other foods? Well, below bread and rolls are "cold cuts and cured meats; pizza; fresh and processed poultry; soups; fast-food hamburgers and sandwiches and cheese." And then finishing out the bottom of the list, we've got "spaghetti and other pasta dishes; meatloaf and other meat dishes and snacks like potato chips and pretzels." So, if you're one to fret about your salt intake, now you have your official list of foods to give the side-eye to.

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