Last night on RuPaul's Drag Race, the queens were split into teams of four and thrown into the WTF — kind of like the WWF, but with "Wrestling's Trashiest Fighters." Team Chad won, mostly because Chad Michaels and Madame LaQueer camped it up, playing the villain characters with gusto and looking like they were Cry-Baby and Hatchet Face's fellow Drapes from Turkey Point. There was a certain sense of justice in the victory, since Madame LaQueer was the last kid chosen to be on any team. Don't you love it when the underdog pulls through?

On the runway, the best line came from guest judge Rick Fox, who said Dida Ritz "was going for Sex In The City but looked more like sex in the alley."

Oh. And let's give a special shoutout to Kenya and Latrice Royale, who may be mismatched in height but made an amazing team in the ring.