Last month, a Milwaukee county employee walked into a house that had been repossessed because of a tax foreclosure and found a very disturbing sight: a dead body. It turned out to be the former home owner, David Carter, who had been in the dead in the house since 2007. Yikes. His body was "nearly skeletonized," and showed evidence of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Apparently, Carter, who would have turned 45 on the day his body was found, died in the home and no one noticed or thought to check on his whereabouts. He'd told friends he was moving to New Mexico; so people assumed he didn't live in the house anymore. Still, you'd think someone would inquire after him, but no. Eventually, the utilities were turned off after a neighbor noticed a broken pipe, and the mail was stopped because it was piling up. But nobody ever checked inside. Why would anyone do something simple like that? Silly! There wasn't even a mortgage company to come calling since Carter's mother had paid the house off; so it wasn't until the taxes grew to more than $30,000 that someone came by to see what was up, because $30,000 is the exact number, apparently, when people begin to give a shit.

Uncanny coincidences let man's death go unnoticed for years [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]