First they came for Barbie, and now they're coming for Bart Simpson. Iran has apparently had it with American toys that promote (admittedly crappy) values. It is now banning dolls based on Bart and the rest of his famous family. Mohammad Hossein Farjoo, who runs the agency that oversees what toys Iranian children can play with, didn't exactly specify why, but he did say it was because some episodes of The Simpsons were already banned. It could have something to do with the fact that Lisa wears a strapless dress, and Homer isn't exactly a model citizen—but Maggie too? What could she possibly have done to offend the authorities?

You'll be relieved to know, though, that the children won't be left completely without American entertainment. Farjoo said that superheroes like Superman and Spiderman are still welcome in the country, "because they do battle for the oppressed." Ahh, yes, it makes sense that the Iranian government would support that message, since they're so well known for standing up for the oppressed themselves...

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Aww, man! Bart Simpson joins Barbie in Iran ban [Reuters]