I've long suspected you can tell a lot about someone's romantic personality based on their political inclinations, and now, newly-released section of Match.com's annual online dating survey has proven that I'm not totally wrong. Did you know, for example, that conservative Republican men consider conservative dress a turn on? And that people of all party affiliations are much more willing to forgive marital infidelity in their own partners than they are in a US President?

Last week, Anna blew our fucking minds with the earth-shattering revelation that men sometimes care about marriage and babies. Now, let the Match survey's political section blow your mind anew:

Some of the findings aren't upending any stereotypes — of course Democratic dudes are easier than Republicans— but some of them will at least stop and make you go 'hm.' Republican online daters are more likely to be divorced than Democrats, and Democrats are aroused by opinions. And conservative Republican men hate when their lady has male friends. Wonder why.

Oh, internet dating. Where would we be without your glistening promise and bitter aftertaste?