In this week's television roundup, Joan Rivers is smoking that sticky icky, OK Go brings their charms to Sesame Street and Glee sends Michael Jackson spinning in his grave.

1.) Let Joan Rivers take a moment to hot box her car.
Enjoy that bowl, Joan. You deserve it.

2.) RuPaul helps Tyrese out of a crisis on The Soup.
After losing Hat Person of the Year to Kate Middleton, Tyrese Gibson enters a destructive spiral of meth and whiskey use. If anyone can help, it's spirit guide RuPaul. Mankini, however, is on his own.

3.) Jenny Slate stops by Conan to discuss Marcel the Shell.
How adorable is Jenny, you guys? Let's hear it for her and her magical-sounding Nana Connie.

4.) Glee does Michael Jackson. Much like Michael, Glee started off with such promise and has grown increasingly unsettling in its delusions and treatment of children. But, hey, at least that Darren Criss sure is charming.

5.) Parks and Recreation facilitates a Party Down reunion. Adam Scott! Martin Starr! Snow globes! UGH, why don't more people watch this show?

6.) The ladies of SNL come up with their own Real Housewives catchphrases on WWHL.
"I like to smile a lot, but sometimes I get lipstick on my teeth."

7.) Michelle Obama and Ellen compete to see who can do more push-ups.
No wonder the First Lady has such great arms.

8.) OK Go does a stop-motion music video about primary colors on Sesame Street.
Red and yellow make what? Red and yellow make ORANGE!

9.) Jimmy Fallon hosts an aroused baboon on Late Night.
To be fair, the baboon was a middle school girl when "Idiot Boyfriend" came out.

10.) Chris Gethard would like you to not call him "Chris Get Hard."
Sorry for the double Conan clips, but it was a good week for Team Coco and the comedy nerd. Here's the Upright Citizens Brigade star Chris Gethard being his usual subtle and hilarious self.