It's every betrothed person's worst nightmare: a parent falls sick right before the Big Day, and can't be there to see the wedding. But rather than settle for a lifetime of wedding memories stamped with the conspicuous absence of Dad, one intrepid sister of the groom took it upon herself and her photoshopping skills to insert the missing dad into pictures of the festivities. The results are both hilarious and touching.

The true genius of these Photoshop masterpieces lies in the sister's complete disregard for the time frame during which the pictures were taken as it relates to how her father actually looked around the time of the wedding. The dead deer on the dance floor. The vintage football player running out next to their contemporary mother. The wading pool during the bride/groom kiss. The gun from a carnival game as his son and new bride beam during their recessional.

The Pyongyang Bureau of Great Leader Achievements could've used this young woman's skills in proving to the world that the late Kim Jong Il holds hands with his best friend Elvis in heaven.

And, to add a happy cherry to this hilarity sundae, Father of the Groom ended up recovering from his illness. Hugs all around!


All photos by Shelby Street Photography