The style on the red carpet of the premiere of NBC's Smash was like jazz hands but without the fingers.

There's a lot of problems with Katharine McPhee's dress (the cut, the fit, the frumpiness) but the worst would have to be that big bow which is reminiscent of a cardigan tied around her waist, which we all know means that she just got her period and it left a stain. There comes a time in many actresses lives when they reach "a certain age" and pretend they're so over looking sexy so they start dressing like Anne Robinson. Uma Thurman is going through that right now. Is it a long shirt? Is it a coat? Lucie Arnaz keeps us guessing.

You know, if these earrings are going to be the extent of Abigail Breslin's bad choices, then she's pretty lucky for a child star.

This is the best the night had to offer: Singles cruise (Bernadette Peters), PTA meeting (Sarah Jessica Parker), and neighbor's kid's christening (Andrea Martin).

Poor Sally Field. First it's the postmenopausal osteoporosis medication spokesman gig, then it's the bifocals and now it's the lipstick on the teeth.

I think Debra Messing's dress was supposed to be simple and elegant but it's actually boring and clunky. Also? Her scalp is dyed.

Anjelica Huston's lady tux would've been a hit if it were better-fitted.

Bebe Neuwirth is like three messy extensions and one fingerless lace glove away from being Betsey Johnson. Who does Dylan Lauren think she is showing up looking all cheesy and butch? Jillian Michaels? And Megan Hilty must've been the life of her grandpa's retirement party in this getup.