It was like everyone who attended the New York premiere of Madonna's W.E. were well-aware of the horrible reviews the film has been getting, so they dressed accordingly, with Madge at the top of the heap of terrible. I'm not going to lie: This will be unpleasant.

What's the point of twenty-something boy toys or Restylane injections if you're just gonna go ahead and dress like the rich old lady that you are?

You'd think that designers would look impeccable, and while Rachel Roy [right] looks cute, Diane Von Furstenberg [left] is really phoning it in. Who do you think Donna Karan [center] had to show her tits to in order to get that strand of Plinko chips?

At least Crystal Renn, Zac Posen and Lady Bunny were able to pull it together.

I didn't think that the trend of clear bra straps could get any more disgusting until I saw them on Kelly Bensimon's feet.

Andrea Riseborough's dress is artful in the way that cloth napkins are when waiters fold them into animal shapes. Ivanka Trump's attempt at "edgy" isn't nearly as cringe-y as Lucy Lawless' attempt at a hairdo.

Model Irina Shayk is pulling a Celine.

If Julia Stiles wanted to do a pop of color with her black suit, she should stuck with one, instead of pairing red shoes with a purple bag. Wasn't Carson Kressley the "fashion" one on Queer Eye? Patti Smith didn't have time for any of this red carpet bullshit.