Season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race doesn't premiere until January 30, but last night, the show threw a party at the Patricia Filed boutique in New York. What did the colorful party-goers wear? Shiny, short, animal print, and gobs of makeup, of course.

The luminous Sahara Davenport paired a bandage dress with spiky gold jewelry; the Kate Middleton hose is a classy touch. Our friend Manila Luzon looked sweet in a sorbet-colored McQueen-esque kaleidoscope top. (Did you know that these two are a couple in real life? Drag love!)

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano attended the bash in a snug snow leopard-print mini-dress. Meow, claws out!

Patricia Field was also in a wild cat-print, although hers was hooded and paired with a boxy blazer. Killer legs… Can you believe this woman is 71 years old?

RuPaul was positively restrained in a plaid sport coat, skinny tie and chunky glasses. He looked like he was on his way to meet Don Draper for a drink at PJ Clarke's. Willam Belli — a season 4 contestant who has a song all about wanting a vagina — got the memo from Pat and Renee and pulled some animal print boots on. The rest — fur, glitter, bare midriff, late '70s-porn-star glasses — is everything one could hope and pray for from a drag queen. Sheer entertainment and ridiculousness. Over on the right, you might think you're looking at the freakishly divine Yara Sofia, but instead it's actually season 4 contestant Sharon Needles. Judging from this goth ensemble and the fact that her website teases, "morgue to come soon," I take it Ms. Needles does macabre/horrorcore/dread drag, which is pretty fucking cool.

At left is season 4 contestant Milan, who is serving up Bianca Jagger realness. Lace jumpsuit! Center we have Jiggly Caliente , in black punctuated with gold, and those nails! A girl could put an eye out. On the right is Dida Ritz, who claims to be like a combination of Kimora, Carrie Bradshaw and Beyoncé — but looks a little like Kelly Rowland in shredded jeans and a checkered jacket.

Ryan Nickulas, TJ Kelly, Mike Ruiz: Statement jackets and dark denim.

Richie Rich throws together a visual smorgasboard; season 4 contestant Phi Phi O'Hara throws shade; Laverne Cox throws on a Victoria Grayson dress and calls it a day.

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