In this week's pop culture round-up, Jimmy Fallon gives Tim Tebow some Ziggy flavor, Leslie Knope's campaign for City Council is off to a rough start and The Daily Show gets a new correspondent.

1.) Jimmy Fallon blesses us with Tebowie.
A funky marriage made in Jesus heaven.

2.) Portlandia visits Around the World in 80 Plates, the restaurant of your nightmares.
Do you want to lobsterate your meal?

3.) The Daily Show gets a new correspondent.
New Senior Political Analyst Jessica Williams doesn't even get to unpack her things before Jon sends her straight into the bloodbath that is the South Carolina primary. Will she ever recover?

4.) Parks & Recreation is on slippery ground.
A three-legged dog and Chris Pratt wiping out?! Is this what falling in love feels like?

5.) True Life: I'm a Chubby Chaser
What woman of any size could resist the nuanced charms of Tee, a 24 year-old, self proclaimed "chubby chaser?"

6.) Billy Eichner really hates Johnny Depp
Billy Eichner of the new Fuse show Billy on the Street stopped by Conan to vent about America's favorite actor Johnny Depp. Billy's complaint? "He's quirky and he's pretty. Why don't you just be pretty and leave quirky to those of us who don't have a choice!" I'm swayed.

7.) Checking in with the homeless man with the golden voice, one year later.
It's been a year since Ted Williams, the golden-throated homeless man, exploded the Internet. Two stints in rehab later and he seems to be doing pretty well.

8.) Stephen Colbert doesn't care about blah people.
A strong supporter of Rick Santorum, Stephen comes to the senator's defense over a racist remark made on the Iowa campaign trail. Fuckin' whi— people.

9.) Anderson Cooper gives himself a freak number.
During Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked avid Real Houswives fan Anderson Cooper to give himself a freak number. His answer? "I'm a wasp."

10.) Tina Fey describes her insides.
Open her up and all you'll find is a Cert mint and a crumpled up panty-liner. (Note: please don't open Tina Fey up.)