Lindsay Lohan is accustomed to getting special treatment in court, so you can understand her surprise upon discovering that another branch of the government expects her to behave like a person who didn't make one awesome movie back in 2004. Lindsay didn't bother to pay her income tax in 2009, and now the IRS is demanding that she hand over $93,000. To be precise, a lien has been filed against Lindsay for $93,701.57, and if she doesn't pay up the government could go after her home, cars, and bank accounts. Unfortunately, Lindsay can't even pull a Nick Cage and start making any wacky film she's offered a role in, because Hollywood hasn't exactly been busting down her door. [TMZ]

Brad Pitt finally commented on canegate today, saying, "It wasn't life or death ... It was just an old man tripping." [People]

An upcoming episode of 30 Rock will feature Emma Stone as the co-star of Andy Samberg, Nick Cannon, and Jenna Maroney in the Garry Marshall-style romcom Martin Luther King Day. [N.Y. Mag]

Shameless self-promoter Kim Kardashian wished Kate Middleton a happy 30th birthday by debuting a new shoe called "The Duchess" in her show line. Have we reached a consensus on whether that's a Paris Hilton-inspired baby voice or how she naturally sounds? [Glamour]

  • Speaking of Nick Cannon, he's out of the hospital after being treated for "mild kidney failure." [RS]
  • TMZ attempted to keep things classy by switching the headline "Beyonce — Blue Ivy Came Out Of My Vagina" to "Beyonce — Blue Ivy's Birth Was 'Natural'" [Buzzfeed]
  • Unsurprisingly, the OWN Network is getting its biggest ratings ever now that Oprah's new show has debuted. [The Wrap]
  • BREAKING: Justin Timberlake grew a beard. [E!]
  • Darren Criss has a special place in his heart for "Teenage Dream": "I was a struggling actor, a part-time composer, and all of a sudden they put me in a blazer, slick my hair back, and give me a Katy Perry song on a hit show, and a year and a half later I'm on Broadway. So, yes, it's the song that changed my life." [N.Y. Mag]