You better be careful when choosing a hot-dude calendar because, unlike real life sexy men, you have to keep it around for a whole year. The good news is that sexy men calendar makers are starting to catch on that what women like more than sexy men is humor and, above all, cute animals.

Hot Guys and Baby Animals, $12.99, is the calendar that cuts the shit and delivers exactly what you want.

Nice Jewish Guys, $15.95, provides 12 of the choicest chosen people.

Thoroughbred Racing Jockeys, $13.99: For women who don't like men hung like horses, but rather, men who hang with horses.

Men on a Mission, $15.95, features Mormon missionaries without their special underwear.

Hairy Men, $15.99, involves full-frontal nudity and, strangely, lots of manscaping.

Ruff & Ready, $9.79, pairs hot men and cute puppies for ladies that are into doggie style.

Hot Older Male, $15.99, features two dozen gray, saggy balls.

6 Packs 9 Lives, $13.99: Men with pussies!