Figuring they'd squeeze in one more shit-storm of controversy before the year is out, Rihanna and Chris Brown have got eyebrows raised and at the ready after sending each other a series of secret-but-not-really-because-it's-a-public-forum love Tweets. Chris got the ball rolling when he wrote, "Love U more than you know." And Rihanna replied almost immediately with, "I'll always love u #1LOVE." Aside from the fact they still had more than enough characters to spell out the goddamn "you" in full, people are saying that the messages were meant for each other. And before all of you hateful, anti-gossip naysayers suggest it's nothing more than an unsettling coincidence she has been vocally supportive of him in recent months and found herself in the middle of a similar Twitter dalliance a few weeks back when his mom wrote, "HELLO LADY I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!" and Rihanna replied with, "Miss+Love u 2." Sidebar: what is it with parents and the Caps Lock key? [E!]
In further breaking news: Page Six wants you to know that Rihanna can pose in a bikini and treat an entire restaurant to dinner. Thanks guys! [Page Six]

The Beyoncé baby birthing rumors keep on keeping on, with Twitter awash with talk that she's had the baby girl and named her Tiana-May Carter. No more details than that but we don't expect her and Jay-Z to confirm anything until that child is old enough to confirm it for herself – so Tiana-May Carter it is! [Mirror]

Going with what she knows, Britney Spears is planning a down-home country weddin'. "She wants a traditional Southern-style wedding with comfort food, surrounded by her family, her two sons and all of her childhood friends, as opposed to a Hollywood wedding," said the unofficial wedding planner/tame tabloid magazine quote generator. [CTV News]

If you're sitting there trembling with dread over the inevitable hangover that's coming your way this Sunday morning, never fear because Gwyneth Paltrow is here with some Goopy suggestions. Aside from prevention drink Mercy that she herself has stocks in (nicely done), she recommends having a spa treatment because so many of them are open on New Year's Day or even the highly unique "hair of the dog" approach. Well, Gwyn, apparently you just set your faithful followers up for a world of hurt with that last suggestion. [Goop]

If you want to know who to blame for bringing the Kardashians into our lives — not to mention that delightful Kris Jenner — then look no further than E! President Suzanne Kolb. But before you to start penning those hateful emails, it appears that she is totally delusional when it comes to why people love to hate on them – saying that you can drop the "hate" from that equation, silly, and that people love to love them. "From every piece of research I've seen, people aspire to be them or to befriend them," she said. Do they happen to use Kris's Komprehensive Market Research Kompany by chance? [The Wrap]
The Kardashian nanny says she "loves those kids" and is showing it by still shopping around the tell-all book. [TMZ]

  • I first read this headline as: "Wynonna Judd Gets Engaged To Cactus Monster!" I prefer my version. [NYDN]
  • Daniel Radcliffe is understandably dismayed that the marketing team behind Harry Potter have given the go-ahead for his likeness to appear on toilet paper. Which begs the question: who would use that? [The Sun]
  • For some weird reason Kat Von D no longer wants her tattoo of Jesse James as a fifth grader on her person. [Page Six]
  • After initially refusing to DJ on New Year's Eve for anything less than $1 million, Kanye West has had to do a deliciously figurative walk of shame and accept less – far less – to hit the decks in Vegas. [Page Six]
  • Lindsay Lohan wants everyone to know she will not be drinking up a storm in Dubai tomorrow night. [TMZ]
  • E! is clearly run by a savvy gang of 14-year-old girls because Robert Pattinson took out their highly coveted Celeb Of The Year award. [E!]
  • Michael Jordan is engaged to his girlfriend of three years Yvette Prieto. [US]
  • No one put the drugs in his hand – well, they did but you know what I mean – but we're going to side with Diandra and say that not letting Cameron see his family for two years and 11 months of solitary confinement is a little much. [Page Six]
  • Did anyone else forget about him post-Drew Barrymore? Well, for those that are interested, Justin Long is now dating his Lumpy co-star Addison Timlin. Those italics really make a difference to that sentence. [Page Six]
  • Mo'Nique says there is a very good reason she is $370,000 behind in rent – her house smells like dog shit. Literally. [TMZ]
  • It appears that Lance Bass is going from butch-queen to plain ol' bear by letting his chest hair grow out some. [TMZ]
  • Serial B-grade celeb dater Dollicia Bryan says she is dating Drake. [THEYBF]
  • Brace yourselves Downton Abbey fans, Joan Collins is in talks to appear on the show. [Mirror]
  • Damn, Chris O'DowdKristen Wiig's boyfriend in Bridesmaids and your future husband – just proposed to his girlfriend. [The Sun]
  • For those that care: UK singer Eliza Doolittle is dating Benji Madden. [Daily Mail]
  • These captions about Rose McGowan's new pad are unintentionally hilarious. Highlight: "The more modern Lego-esque style of her new house is a far cry from her old Spanish villa." [Daily Mail]
  • Here are more photos of Justin Bieber playing around with his family. Including a shot of his dad who still looks like his older brother. And, alarmingly, kinda like Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia in this shot. [Daily Mail]