The Margaret Thatcher biopic, The Iron Lady, starring Meryl Streep as the the former British Prime Minister, premiered in New York last night. The red carpet fashion was solemn and serious, because you know, biopics about famous women in politics are solemn and serious. *Cue eyeroll*

Meryl Streep, you fabulous, inimitable, peerless, gorgeous creature you. I've never really understood the "rule" that one should not mix black and navy together. Why not??? I love her simple navy sweater, belted at the waist, paired with a black midi skirt. The outfit isn't a gamechanger in the world of fashion or anything, but it's all in the 'tude, and Meryl makes her sweater and skirt look like the chicest separates in the world. Sofia Coppola normally also wears her clothes well, but this time, the proportions are just a bit off here. The cropped pants don't look right with flats and a knee-length coat. I wish the pants were a bit more tapered and the coat, while fabulous, a little shorter.

Anne Hathaway is a pro at elegant and sleek dressing. I love her neat bun and the high neck on her dress. It's a clean look that doesn't need a whole lot of accessorizing. Olivia Wilde, on the other hand, misses the mark. A dress that severe and heavy looking calls for an updo and ANYTHING but the nude lips and bronzer look. On top of it, this dress completely swallows her frame and gives her stump leg. Patricia Clarkson is so hot, I feel like I could place frozen strips of bacon on her body and they would crisp up in a matter of seconds. Now you know my secret, greasy fetishes involving Patricia Clarkson.

Kaylee DeFer has not quite found her footing at these red carpet events. A few weeks ago, she wore a dress with armpit fringe. Now she looks like Evan Rachel Wood but sans ERW's natural instinct for edgy fashion. Leelee Sobieski is wearing my favorite outfit of the night. She looks clean and chic in her black dress with a high, scalloped collar, a partially exposed zipper, and a nipped-in waist. I love that she paired it with sheer black tights and tall, stiletto boots. Alexandra Roach is in my second favorite outfit from last night. There's something so wonderfully royal and decadent about her quilted skirt and her black top with mega ruffles at the wrists.

Henry Joost is all 21st century dandy up top, and regular, schlubby dude on from the waist down. Rachel Roy takes a black jacket and white pants to the next level. I can't decide if her jacket is too busy or just busy enough, but a woman in winter whites always has my heart. Has Alan Cumming always looked this etiolated? His all-gray ensemble looks cool in a slightly deranged way. Points off for the sneakers though.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing weather-appropriate yet fashionable clothing on the red carpet. Gina Gershon went classic and tailored with her black coat. She sexed it up with stiletto boots and impressive boobage. Amanda Setton missed the mark in a too-short skirt and a too-wide coat. Fran Lebowitz is my sartorial hero and has always done menswear with aplomb. I don't know what's more delightful — the expression on her face or her mustard gloves.

Completely unremarkable, draped dress #45234235234252342 looks pretty cute on Carrie Maclemore despite being completely unremarkable in every way. Hope Davis' dress breaks up the sea of black with some much needed color. It was a fun choice to wear an iridescent skater dress. Her shoes are bizarre and look like a cross between a slipper and a maryjane, but I think the quirky imperfections are what makes this outfit stand out. Anna Chlumsky really looks like a young Kristen Johnston, doesn't she? I like the idea of this dress, but its execution is less than successful. Draped red dresses should look fluid and elegant, but this one is just too stiff and wrinkly to be either of those things.

Looks like someone did not get the dress code. Don't you know this is a serious film about the former British Prime Minister? Don't you know that fashion and Margaret Thatcher don't mix, Coco Rocha? I'm just kidding. Wear what you want, especially if it's a dress that stunning. The same goes for Zac Posen, who perpetually has an impish smile on his face, and his lady companion, who is wearing the hell out of her lace blue gown.

I love Yaya 'Too Afrocentric For Top Model According to Tyra Banks' DaCosta's skirt, but her top looks badly folded and weirdly inverted. Ewa Da Cruz looks like she put little to no effort into getting dressed. Also, is she wearing an incredibly long gold necklace, or is that part of her shirt? Jessica Collins looks rightfully pissed off by what her dress has done to her figure.