Though earlier this week a Pennsylvania district attorney said that Zach Tomaselli's claim that Bernie Fine molested him isn't credible, yesterday Tomaselli filed a lawsuit against the former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach. Fine has been accused of abuse by two other men, but he won't be charged because the statute of limitations has passed.

The D.A. said travel records show that Tomaselli's claim that Fine abused him while they were staying in a hotel room after a game in Pittsburgh is false. However, Tomaselli insists he's telling the truth. He said at a press conference, "I was sexually abused by Bernie Fine after he invited me to a Syracuse game ... At the time I wasn't even able to understand the process as abuse. But now I know what harm he has done to me and others." Tomaselli has admitted to molesting a 13-year-old boy and added, "I know I have done harm to a child … and for that I am deeply sorry and need to be truthful."


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