10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap: Carla Hall almost vomits on The Chew; a dress made from ladies underwear; "Brogurt"; and Regis Philbin tries out a new job alongside Beavis and Butthead. More »

This Week In Tabloids: Kris Dumphries Is Gay & Annulling His Marriage

Welcome back to Midweek Madness! Every Wednesday, we pick up the celebrity weeklies: Star, In Touch, Life & Style, Ok! and Us. While reading the tabloids today, word came through that Kris Humphries would like to have his marriage annulled. More »

Xeni Jardin Live-Tweets Her First Mammogram, Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Xeni Jardian, the founding partner and co-editor of Boing Boing - who has contributed stories to NPR, Wired, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Guardian - More »

'Women For Herman Cain' Is A Thing That Actually Exists

In response to allegations that Herman Cain is a philandering gropemaster, his campaign has launched a new Women For Herman Cain section on its website. More »

How To Get And Keep A Mentor

Everyone tells you to seek out mentors in your career, but how exactly do you do that? And how do you interact with a mentor when you get one? Never fear, we have some answers for you. More »

The Horrifying World Of Internet Snuff Sites

Some men get erotic thrills from seeing nude young women shot, stabbed, pierced by spears and arrows, or killed in a variety of other ways. And a remarkably large Internet industry has arisen to serve this craving. More »

Mommy, What Do Horses Taste Like?

Congress, in its ceaseless effort to offer creative palliatives to the soothe the country's economic afflictions, has decided that it's okay to send that pony you got for your tenth birthday and neglected because you were only prepared to brush its mane and feed it sugar cubes once a week to the... More »

Why Teens Can't Stop Calling Each Other Sluts

In spite of efforts by big names like Lady Gaga and Dan Savage, teens continue to treat each other like shit. And so the great tradition carries on, as it did during my high school career and the high school careers of the women who came before me: More »

Short Skirts Magically Turn Women Into Bitches

After nearly twenty years of teaching gender studies at a community college, I've got a little saying that elicits knowing smiles whenever I share it around campus: More »

Will A Formalized Scale For Photoshopping Do Any Good?

At this point, we know that most, if not all, of the commercial, non-news images we see are digitally enhanced. Still, studies show that women - More »

How A Teacher's Alleged Student Affair Became His Acclaimed 'Novel'

Alexander Maksik's new novel You Deserve Nothing tells a steamy story about a student-teacher affair at an international school in Paris. Reviewers have called it a "bravura performance" written with "dazzling clarity and philosophical rigor." More »

Sometimes I Still Pee a Little When I Sneeze Really Hard, and Other Things Still Happening To Me 20 Months After Giving Birth

Almost two years ago I gave birth to a nine-pound baby person. While pregnant, I read everything I could, not just about how babies grow and how not to fuck them up, but also about what would happen to my body. More »

What's The Protocol When It Comes To Telling Your Partner You Have HPV?

It seems like every day there's another article on HPV-most recently, we've learned that the Human Papillomavirus is linked to throat cancer, might cause heart disease, and that Michele Bachmann is an asshole (okay, and some good news, too: More »

Mysterious Phenomena Called 'Feelings' Make Ladies Better At Investing

Research suggests that the global financial system would be in better shape if Wall Street's risk taking big swinging dicks were replaced with financially prudent big swinging vaginas; More »