Despite Kim Kardashian's insistance that she married for love, a sizable chunk of the population remains convinced that she only tied the knot with Kris Humphries for advertising revenue — including Kris Humphries. Today he filed for an annulment of their 72 day marriage on the grounds that Kim defrauded him into playing the role of Wedding Day Ken. Though the rest of us pieced this together while watching their wedding special, Kris has just figured out that Kim wasn't that into him even before their nuptials. Kris says he thought their relationship is real and wants Kim to pay his legal fees. [TMZ]
Kim is telling "friends" (at gossip sites) that she didn't trick Kris and thought they'd be married forever — or at least 72 months. She adds that she originally looked into getting an annulment, but found you can only annul a marriage in California due to impotency, incest, bigamy, unsound mind, force or fraud. [TMZ]

It's time to accept that Barbara Walters may be purposely trying to screw with us. First she inflicts Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the world, and now she's included some of the most boring people on the planet on her list of 2011's Most Fascinating People. She's selected Simon Cowell, Derek Jeter, Donald Trump, Katy Perry, Pippa Middleton, and the Kardashians. Thank goodness for Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet. [USA Today]

One of the leaders in the Occupy movement has the gall to suggest Miley Cyrus' Occupy music video was an empty gesture. She says, "I double dog dare [her] to fight on the front line of economic civil rights at LA City Hall" — adding, "Revolutionaries occupy, Ms. Cyrus." Don't expect to see Miley on the streets for anything less than a triple dog dare. [TMZ]

In case you don't follow the music career of Vinny from Jersey Shore, he recently posted a rap on YouTube that includes lines about having sex witha stripper and "actin like I'm raping it." RAINN replied that the song sends a "dangerous message," adding, "Use of the term 'actin' like' doesn't mitigate the harm this crime has on survivors of sexual violence." Since Vinny is a special brand of ignorant, he didn't issue the requisite apology, but Tweeted, "Whoa! Some people really know how to take things out of context ! ... It was fun though!" after pulling the song. [TMZ]
Oh, nevermind. It seems some publicist has wrestled Vinny's laptop away from him. This afternoon he wrote on his blog, "I'd like to apologize for the rap. Was meant to be a funny take on an already 'dirty' song - funny since I'm known as the 'good boy' ... I am 100 percent against violence of any kind. I work with many organizations to stop violence and bullying, and will continue to. It's something I strongly believe in. Very sorry to anyone I've offended." [TMZ]

  • Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are engaged again, for reals the time. She Tweeted, "This time its official ... Jay and I are engaged again :)" [E!]
  • A Swedish woman who's been claiming she's Elvis Presley's daughter for more than two decades is suing his estate for $130 million. Usually these accusations would be accompanied by claims that her parents secretly married on a space ship, but sadly there are no zany details available at this time. [RS]
  • We're being deprived of new Fiona Apple's music thanks to her label. Her album was supposed to come out in the spring and when an audience member asked her to play new material at an appearance last week, she said, "I can't remember [how to play] any of my new songs because they've been done for a fucking year." [N.Y. Mag]