Friends, this is Ms. Candice Swanepoel, dressed as a Victoria's Secret Angel. She is reclining. And it seems the company has provided her with an extra leg-type thing to lie down on. That can't possibly be her knee, can it? Let's take a closer look.

This entire area is… weird. Her arm and her top leg do not seem to exist within the same space-time continuum. Her butt appears… enlarged. And that knee-thing doesn't even seem to be attached to her body. (click to enlarge)

In another version of the ad, the leg looks like it's trying to slink right off the set.

Another quibble: While Ms. Swanepoel does have a large hip-to-waist ratio — a narrow waist which curves out to wider hips — something has gone awry on the right side of her body, below the bra. The line from bra to waist-crease is so perfectly straight it's like someone used a T-square!

Just for comparison: This is what Swanepoel's body actually looks like. Please note that her knees are attached to her legs.

VS Fashion Show: Unnatural Beauties [Photoshop Disasters]