On last night's All-American Muslim, we saw Coach Zaban get invited to the White House for the annual Ramadan Iftar (fast breaking) dinner. The coach had a tough time deciding whether or not he should go, since football is so important to Fordson High and the dinner was happening the same night as the first practice with pads. In the end, he decided to go.

Zaban writes on the TLC blog:

I even got to shake the President's hand (wow, he's tall!) and give him a jersey from the team. Hearing him congratulate the team and myself on our efforts was such a surreal moment. President Obama – the leader of the free world – knew who I was? This man knew about Fordson football and about our Ramadan practices? WOW! What a night to remember! All I can say is that I'm so happy I went. I came home with a new sense of fire to help me get the team in shape for what would be a tough season. We are gonna go out there, play tough, play right,and above all make President Obama proud!

By the way, during the episode, Zaban noted that he does not think that President Obama is a Muslim. Do you think that's typical for a Midwestern football coach?