Getting a licensed replica of the Carolina Herrera wedding dress Kristen Stewart wore to marry her sparkly, fanged, 110-year-old boyfriend in the new Twilight movie to market in time to coincide with the film's release was apparently a big struggle. Only four people knew that the dress in production was the dress; it was shipped to Alfred Angelo stores in secret, and the studio jokes that the bridal retailer had to sign an NDA "in blood." The final product can be yours for just $799. That's roughly half the price of the David's Bridal licensed copy of Kim Kardashian's wedding dress! Only Twilight's fictional wedding hasn't yet ended in divorce. [WSJ]
In other news of world-famous white dresses, Alexander McQueen made a version of Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress available for $1,800 at Net-A-Porter; it is, naturally, already sold out. [Fox]

Scarlett Johanson is on the cover of Interview. [Fashin]

Dita Von Teese is launching a lingerie collection at Target in Australia called "Von Follies by Dita Von Teese." [WWD]

And Daphne Guinness has a holiday collection with M.A.C. The heiress says she's loved makeup since she was a child. But back then, instead of using makeup, "I would use watercolours or acrylics or anything I could get my hands on. Sometimes I would paint pictures on my face, on my eyelids or whatnot." [Racked]

H&M knocked off a year-old Carven jacket. [Fashionista]

The time when a model starts getting cast as the "mom" — in this case, to Eloise, the 5-year-old daughter of Vogue editor Meredith Melling Burke — is an interesting point of inflection in any girl's career. Twenty-four-year-old Caroline Trentini doesn't seem altogether thrilled to have reached it. Another weird industry rubicon? Model's First Bridal Shoot, although that generally happens around age 15-16 (see top photo). [DFR]

Dutch new face Anne Verhallen says the last-minute nature of the business has been the hardest adjustment. "You get confirmed for a job an hour before you have to fly there. I always think, They spend so much time and energy and money on these shoots and these jobs, wouldn't you want to know what girl you have to work with like at least a week before?" [WWD]

  • According to rumor, Marc Jacobs is cooking up a collaboration for Louis Vuitton with artist Yayoi Kusama. They've been friends for quite some time, and Kusama was clearly one of the influences over Jacobs' dot-obsessed fall namesake line collection, so this makes a lot of sense. [WWD]
  • Model Kendra Spears, who is the subject of an ongoing legal dispute between the agencies Ford and Next, has been found liable by an arbitrator for $150,564 in expenses racked up on her account by Ford, her former agency. As anyone who's ever looked at a model's account statement before can attest, agencies can find a way to charge for anything. We wonder how much of that $150K comprised big, round numbers owed to "FedEx" and "Internet Fees." [P6]
  • Christian Siriano, meanwhile, is being sued by his talent agency for allegedly failing to pay commission on his Payless shoe deal. Designer's Management Agency says it negotiated Siriano's contract in 2008, in exchange for a 20% commission on all future earnings, but that in 2010 Siriano cut DMA out of the deal. How much does Siriano earn from Payless? $160,000 per year for designing four collections, plus royalties of 2.5% on all sales. [THR]
  • Karl Lagerfeld projects that his eponymous men's wear collection will realize retail sales of over $108 million next year. [WWD]
  • Miranda Kerr went shopping at a Victoria's Secret store. At first, the sales assistants weren't sure they recognized her. [P6]
  • Rihanna is collaborating on a line of t-shirts and some "pearl grey" underwear with Emporio Armani, of which she is a face. [Vogue UK]
  • "It's Versace for H&M, people, come on, be serious," says the man who queued for 22 hours to get into an H&M. (He was eighth in line.) "It's a collaboration that doesn't come along every day." He bought $1200 worth of clothing for himself and his wife. [The Cut]
  • But actually, Versace for H&M is coming around again — there's going to be a spring delivery of new stock, just as ugly as this fall's, featuring such items as fruit-print bikinis and shorts. H&M sure did well to keep this under wraps before the big Versace launch, because one of the key reasons these collaborations tend to do well is that their limited-edition nature encourages mild consumer hysteria (see above). Nobody waits in line for 22 hours to shop the latest delivery of Vera Wang's line for Kohl's. [Mirror]
  • Former Elle, now Marie Claire accessories editor Kyle Anderson logged his purchases for two weekends running. On Weekend 1, Anderson spent $13,936.12 (the majority of which went on a Hublot watch for his boyfriend). On Weekend 2, Anderson spent $9,084.75 ($5485 on Burberry and DSquared2 at Saks, $507.50 on 11 drinks and a dessert platter at the nightclub PH-D). Where does he get the money? Who are these people who spend $14,000 in a weekend? That was practically our after-tax income last year. [DFR, DFR]
  • Stella McCartney, who customarily shows in Paris, will show a special capsule collection at London fashion week this coming season. It's some kind of tie-in with the London Olympics. [WWD]